The Consolation of Food

This is a storybook primarily but with recipes. Val has chosen a collection of tales covering everything from growing up in Dorset to adventures abroad, catering disasters, reflections on nature and the oddities of divorce. Often hilarious sometimes sad or reflective these stories coupled with delicious favourite dishes make for both a bowl of strange fruit and a warming companion.

The Good Table. Adventures in and around my kitchen

Valentine takes us on a journey to home food heaven. The food on your table is at the heart of the house, and The Good Table shows that it is best when sourced and cooked with love and care, while the stories attached to the recipes provide some lively tales while waiting for your dinner.

What to Eat No Autumn & Winter

Valentine takes us on a mouth-watering, content-rich  journey through the best of autumn’s seasonal offerings.

What to Eat Now, More Please!
Spring & Summer

In “What to Eat Now, More Please! Spring and Summer” Valentine explores the ingredients and flavours of Spring and Summer ‘s seasonal eating.

What to Eat Next

Some of the best food need not too much time to prepare, and if you have good ingredients, a good recipe and some kitchen know-how the results will be a triumph. The 150 recipes in this book are naturally simple.