Website Launch

Well, I guess, welcome no less!

Seems that in this modern day and age that to not have a website is almost not to exist.

It was about time too as my last one was a cumbersome great brute with a hunger for constant self-imposed recommendations and updates that, for such an analogue man, scared me off in search of more ‘earthy’ enjoyments with paper, spoons, and fishing rods. I will certainly aim to keep in constant touch with this more fitting reincarnation.

So, built by my old friend Chris of  Jones Design Create, here is something tighter, leaner, simpler……. quite the opposite of me in fact, balder, clickety kneed and arguably more complicated as I sort through the confusion of today’s world for the simplicity and joys that I seek. Many have said that on passing me on the street I appear to be quietly arguing with myself.  I will put it down here instead.

This will be a place where I aim to share my recipes, happenings,  and random thoughts that I deem may be worth sharing ……although it was my father who said to me “if you ever write something you find hilariously funny or think deeply interesting, well then take it out”!

There are, however, some exciting things going on this year.

Early summer will see the launch of my new kitchen knife and kitchenware company with Ed Holdsworth Hunt, who I consider to be one of the best knife makers in the UK. Built to my requirements with Ed’s eye for detail and production principles namely “That’ll do, just isn’t good enough” our first range of knives The Ridgeway collection will be available to buy alongside a small and equally high-quality assembly of collaborative knife racks, aprons and tea towels with producers we love. I’d also add that our knives will in time aim to include aspects of not only cooking but outdoor pursuits and gardening as well. Watch this space.

Holmen Lofoten: Our venture in Norway’s Lofoten Islands has a wonderful line up for 2019 with cooking from the revered Swedish cook Niklas Ekstedt over the June Solstice and Angela Hartnett in September. Wild sipping potions will be provided by genius bartender Nick Strangeway. When not sitting to our sumptuous meals there will be plasticine one stop-animation film making with Jim Parkyn from Aardman animation, knife making from Pole and Hunt and of course, the incredible fishing, picnics,  and nature walks that the dramatic landscape and waters around us provide.

While the Northern lights might be enjoyed, come the September trip,  if your even luckier you might glimpse a  rare mountain troll stocking up for winter.

To finish this first entry in my journal I’d like to add that for those who are unaware, my latest book was published in  October 2019. Very, much more a storybook than cookery book below is an excerpt ….prompted by Chris Packham’s programme for BBC Horizon 7.7 Billion and counting.

Welcome once again and watch this space in the hope I keep you up to date.